Use your iPhone, Android or PC anywhere in Japan

Don’t travel without the Internet.

Kansai KukoTrain Station
Mobile Wi-Fi device
Mobile Wi-Fi device
Kyoto Station
Kyoto Station

If you are travelling to a foreign country and you can’t speak and read the language, a cell phone could be your best guide.
In Tokyo, we used our IPhone to decide which train or subway to take.



With five train companies competing for customers, you had multiple trains going to one location, most destination was in Japanese,you had people queing to use the ticket machines, so you felt pressured in deciding on a destination.
With Google Map, it was easy: I am here, and I want to go there. Thanks Google. With the Internet you always have a Translator, a Map, a Guide, and most of all a Friend.
The Internet is your best friend, We have the technology, use it. we strongly recommend renting a Mobile Wi-Fi devices. In Japan, there are some WiFi spots in cafe and restaurants, but they are usually not free!
If your mobile carrier provides international data roaming service, you can use your iPhone or Android phone. But their roaming fees are extremely expensive.
With Mobile Wi-Fi devices you don’t need complicated settings, only switch on power and enter password. Then you can enjoy Internet with Unlimited data usage, High Speed and Wide coverage area(100% in Japan).
If You are in a group, you can also share Wifi signals with up to 10 friends! If you split the cost, it’s a really reasonable choice.
Renting a mobile wifi for Japan is easy. Before your visit, just order from one of the several site online.You can choose where to pickup the device.The will send it to your hotel, to a private address, or you can pick it up in the airport.
The advantages of renting a Mobile Wi-Fi device are, the Rate are very cheap, Free extra battery,No hiddeen charge, and Full English Support .With the extra battery, we were online 24/7. I even used it to charge my camera and phone.
At the end of your stay, Put everything in the provided envelope and just drop it in the mail box.Berlinmc5


We were waiting for a fellow traveler at the Tampa International Airport, and our children said they needed to see the perspective from the ninth floor.  They strayed and we proceeded on to the landing area to greet our companion.

When it was time to go, we needed to go to the ninth floor to get the children. That was the point at which we uncovered what took them so long, The ninth floor.

The Ninth floor is a perspective of the Airport terminals (Airside A, C, E, and F), a miracle of its own, the Long term parking lot, the remote baggage sort, the Economy garage, and the cell phone waiting lot. You will also be able to see Tampa Stadium, Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

The ninth floor infers what Shakespeare once said “All the world’s a stage”.

What a stage! Everything is there, light, sounds, and bounty of activity. What a creation! You will have plenty to see, in the event that you are fortunate to bring along a camera as I did. You will have the best photographer shoot ever.

9th floor Tampa Airport
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The 110-220 Volts Adapter War.



Like most Famiies, when we travel, we always stress, carry only what’s necessary.  The bear necessities only!  Pack  lite!

If We are traveling to Florida, for example, bring  a  pair of shorts,  underwears, sunglasses,  a camera, and plenty money.  If You need anything  when you get there, buy it.  Pack lite. But You know this is bull! Saying it is not doing it. Pack lite.

We live in Berlin, and we have 220 volts in Germany. Naturally, we have 220 volt cameras, computers, mobile phone, and other travel necessities that we stuff in our suitcases, trying to avoid the 23 kilo grams weight allowance.  But all the world doesn’t run on 220 volts, in the U.S. its 110, and the plugs  that you use in Germany won’t  fit in the U.S. sockets, or the British. Naturally You can get a travel adapter that will take care of this. Be careful “ make sure your equipment is dual voltage”,  it should have a say for example ” 100-240V 50-60 Hz”.

This will work great for one piece of equipment, but what about the other 5 pieces? Yes, You will have to wait until they are charged, or you buy  several adapters. Great, but Pack Lite.

After many years of carrying several adapters, and fighting the Adapter Wars. Loosing the War, because Kids, are trained Agents, if caught, and questioned they reveal nothing. They know nothing. They will say nothing. And You get nothing out of them. The Adapter is gone! Live with it.

One day after searching the house for adapters to take on vacation to Florida, I thought, hey, why not take an extension  cord, and plug  it into the adapter and create a power station?Then, you wont need so many adapters. Bingo! My Adapter Wars was over.

It’s  not splitting the atom, I will admit, but it’s effective! Pack Lite!